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Long Island Domestic Violence Attorneys

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Arguments are a part of family life. But when those arguments grow so heated that they turn violent, the law may intervene. When you break domestic violence laws in New York State, the penalties can be severe, including:

  • Incarceration
  • Fines
  • Mandatory counseling
  • Mandatory anger-management classes
  • Forced changes to child custody arrangements

Furthermore, domestic violence charges leave a stain on your public and professional reputation.

If you are accused of domestic violence, the police do not delay their investigation into the matter. Do not delay building your legal defense. Contact an attorney who is well acquainted with the domestic violence laws and procedures in the jurisdiction where you live. In Nassau County or surrounding areas, contact Collins Gann McCloskey & Barry PLLC.

In legal terms, what constitutes domestic violence?

Many people mistakenly believe that domestic violence, by definition, only occurs between spouses. In reality, the phrase encompasses many forms of abuse involving individuals who know each other, including:

  • Spouses
  • Ex-spouses
  • Domestic partners
  • Parents and children
  • Boyfriends and girlfriends

Fighting domestic violence claims

The court of public opinion often considers individuals charged with domestic violence guilty long before the facts of a case come to light. Similarly, prosecutors often care very little about actual guilt or innocence, and focus only on securing guilty pleas. This reduces their caseload while improving the public’s perception of them.

To protect yourself against these negative outcomes, you must begin by taking the accusation leveled against you as seriously as possible. An experienced criminal lawyer can be your most valuable asset during your ordeal.

In fact, aggressive and skilled legal representation can help someone accused of domestic violence charges in many ways. Your attorney can:

  • Fight to have the charges against you dropped or reduced
  • Negotiate reductions in sentencing
  • Negotiate alternative forms of sentencing, such as counseling or probation

There are about four million victims of domestic violence every year, and those who are truly guilty of such crimes should not escape punishment. But often the charges are inflated or the facts are twisted, and sometimes the punishments are too harsh or are otherwise inappropriate. Further, there are many American citizens wrongfully accused of domestic violence. Do not attempt to clear your name or fight for your legal rights alone. Get experienced legal help from a dedicated law firm like Collins Gann McCloskey & Barry PLLC as soon as possible.

Experienced and knowledgeable domestic violence defense attorneys

If you face domestic violence charges in Nassau County, do not take your situation lightly. The Long Island criminal defense law firm of Collins Gann McCloskey & Barry PLLC can help you develop a winning legal strategy to defend your rights. Contact us online or at 516-294-0300 today.


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