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Criminal Defense Against Embezzlement Charges

Nassau County criminal attorneys with experience fighting for employers and employees

Embezzlement involves the theft of money from an employer by an employee. While embezzlement may be on as small a scale as slipping money out of a cash register, the punishments related to an embezzlement conviction may still be severe.

If you are an employee who faces embezzlement charges, or an employer who suspects one of your employees of embezzling from you, time is not on your side. Retain an experienced criminal defense law firm like Collins Gann McCloskey & Barry PLLC in Nassau County today.

Common types of embezzlement

There are many types of embezzlement, including but not limited to:

  • Dishonestly changing receipts or account information
  • Willfully underreporting profits
  • Unauthorized spending from client funds or accounts
  • Billing from a nonexistent or falsified account
  • Billing for non-existent employees

The penalties imposed for any type of embezzlement are often severe, as prosecutors try to make examples of embezzlement suspects. Someone convicted on embezzlement charges likely faces restitution, heavy fines and even time in county, state, or federal prison.

How a Nassau County criminal defense attorney can help

Most employers who suspect their employees of embezzling confront them immediately, and attempt to coerce a signed confession of their criminal activity. An employee accused of embezzlement should never sign such a document without first consulting an experienced embezzlement attorney. Signing the document only simplifies future prosecution, and may hamper valid potential defenses.

Employers also frequently request a sit-down meeting with an accused embezzler. If you agree to this meeting, you should definitely bring a knowledgeable embezzlement attorney with you. Anything you say at this meeting can be used against you in any future legal proceeding, and employers often hire experts at coercing statements of guilt to run these meetings.

Employers also usually fail to realize that they are unlikely to recover any money from an embezzling employee. An experienced embezzlement attorney can help both the employer and the employee come up with an alternative, informal resolution to the matter.

Do not face embezzlement charges on your own

The experienced criminal attorneys at Collins Gann McCloskey & Barry PLLC understand how embezzlement laws protect both wronged employers and innocent employees. Do not try to handle a case of suspected embezzlement on Long Island without knowledgeable advice. Contact us today online or at 516-294-0300 to schedule a free initial consultation.


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