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Defending Homicide and Murder Charges on Long Island

Reputable Nassau County criminal defense attorneys with homicide and murder defense experience

Many people consider homicide and murder the most serious crimes a person can commit, and with good reason. Other common felonies generally involve individuals who sold drugs, damaged property or took something that did not rightfully belong to them. But homicide and murder both involve taking the life of another. A court can order a perpetrator to return stolen property or pay for damages. The victim of a murder, however, can never be brought back to life.

As you would expect, penalties for homicide or murder convictions are extreme. While New York State abolished the death penalty in 2007, anyone convicted of homicide or murder on Long Island still faces the most serious penalties the state can impose. If you or a loved one faces homicide or murder charges, you need experienced legal representation and you need it now. Contact Collins Gann McCloskey & Barry PLLC today.

State of mind directly impacts which charges are filed

The word homicide encompasses any event where an individual takes the life of another. The state of mind of the killer at the time of the homicide defines whether or not the crime is murder or manslaughter.

  • Murder means that the killer intended to kill the victim, or at least knew the actions were likely to cause death. This charge is so serious that, even if the attempt to kill fails, the offender may still be considered guilty of attempted murder if an intentional state of mind can be proven.
  • Manslaughter, on the other hand, implies the killer had no prior intention to kill or to create a deadly situation. One can be convicted of manslaughter if it was the intention to cause serious physical injury but a death results OR if one acts recklessly and causes the death of another. Manslaughter is still a severe charge, but less so than murder.

How a Nassau County criminal defense attorney can help a murder suspect

Prosecutors and the public at large have a tendency to decide murder suspects are guilty well before a trial occurs. At Collins Gann McCloskey & Barry PLLC, we never take the claims of a prosecutor at face value. Every one of our clients is an individual who deserves the American right to a fair trial.

Every attorney at Collins Gann McCloskey & Barry PLLC is a former Nassau County Assistant District Attorney. We therefore possess:

  • An impressive knowledge of the strategies and tendencies district attorneys use against murder suspects
  • A working knowledge of the forensics applicable to your case
  • Decades of combined trial and negotiation experience
  • The ability to advise you regarding every decision you need to make throughout the process
  • A commitment to represent you zealously and effectively

Do not face murder or homicide charges alone

If you or a loved one faces homicide or murder charges in Nassau County, contact the criminal defense attorneys at Collins Gann McCloskey & Barry PLLC today. Contact us online or at 516-294-0300 to schedule your free consultation.


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