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Monthly Archives: May 2011

In Remembrance of Dan Gazan, Esq.

 CMG honors lawyer Dan Gazan, Esq., gone now nearly 10 years, by reprinting the following article (previously published in The Nassau Lawyer shortly after his death in late 2001). A Celebration of Life: Dan Gazan, Esq. By Richard D. Collins DANIEL B. GAZAN        If we are very lucky, somewhere along the journey from this […]

BREAKING NEWS: MMA Legislation Passes the NY State Senate. Now on to the Assembly…

Received today from MMAFacts.com: MMA Fans, Big, big news today.  The New York State Senate passed legislation sanctioning MMA throughout New York! As exciting as this is, we now have to focus our efforts on the New York State Assembly. Please take a couple minutes out of your day to call your local Assembly Member and […]

The Nassau Crime Lab: Can the Public Ever Trust Police-Run Crime Labs – or the System – Again?

Yesterday’s Newsday cover story revealed a disturbing twist to the already-disturbing situation with the police-run Nassau County Crime Lab.  Documentation shows us that problems at the crime lab date back to 2003 – including two letters written in 2006 from then-state Division of Criminal Justice Services Commissioner to then-Nassau Police Commissioner — addressing “fifteen findings” […]

Marc Gann Honored by Nassau County Bar Association At NCBA’s 112th Annual Dinner Dance

Marc Gann, who will be completing his year as 2010-2011 president of the Nassau County Bar Association this June, was honored by the association at the Nassau County Bar Association’s 112th Annual Dinner Dance this past weekend.  The event, held on May 7th at the Long Island Marriott in Uniondale, was attended by more than […]

They May Be Against The Law, But Should They Be? Steroid Use by both Athletes and Recreational Bodybuilders is a Complex Subject with Many Opinions

Most people agree that anabolic steroids in sports should be condemned as “cheating,” because athletes who use steroids are breaking the rules they agreed to play by in order to gain an advantage over their competitors.  But the issues get more complicated when we question whether non-athletes are “cheating” if they use steroids simply to […]


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