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Monthly Archives: July 2012

Police K-9’s: Dog Sniffs for Drugs

“Positive K-9 ‘alerts’ are treated as per se probable cause in most states and in the federal courts, including the U.S. Supreme Court, when the K-9 is assumed to be ‘trained’ and ‘reliable’” writes Jeff Weiner, Esq., in his excellent review of police K-9’s and the Constitution for the National association of Criminal Defense Lawyers. […]

“FAULTY FORENSICS”: With the FBI and Justice Department Now Reviewing Thousands of Criminal Cases with Questionable Forensic Evidence, How Many Convictions Will Be Overturned?

Last week’s announcement that the FBI and Justice Department will review thousands of cases to see if “faulty forensics” might have been responsible for wrongful convictions was important news for the many individuals currently serving prison time for crimes they may not have committed.   This review – the largest post-conviction review ever done by the […]

New York’s Proposed “Ban” On Large Sugary Drinks: An Infringement on Our Legal Rights … Or Really Just a “Nudge” In the Right Direction?

Mayor Bloomberg’s proposal to ban the sale of large-sized sugary drinks – the so-called “soda ban” – has been met with anger by some, skepticism by many … and will surely continue to be a topic of debate for months to come.  The proposal would prohibit the sale of large (more than 16 ounce)  sodas […]

Have Fun – But Exercise Caution – This July 4th

As we head into the Fourth of July holiday, we want to wish our friends and colleagues a happy, and safe, day ahead.  We also wanted to take this opportunity to remind people that, unfortunately, the July 4th holiday is also one of the biggest days when it comes to DWI/DUI/BWI incidences and arrests – […]


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