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Monthly Archives: January 2013

A Justice System off the Rails?

A seven year old boy – let me repeat that, a seven year old boy – was handcuffed and interrogated by a NYPD detective for approximately 10 hours.  What was the boy accused of, you ask?  It was not slashing someone with a box-cutter, it wasn’t carrying a loaded firearm in his book-bag, and it […]

When Prosecutors Go Too Far: Aaron Swartz, Prosecutorial Overreach and Our Criminal Justice System

Aaron Swartz’s suicide on January 11th has sparked great national debate about the power of federal prosecutors, the concept of prosecutorial overreach – and the role that prosecutors, particularly federal prosecutors, can play in literally destroying lives.  And while the nation continues to mourn the loss of this 26 year old Internet activist and computer […]

Tiki Barber Talks Media and Steroids

The chance to rub elbows with a sports superstar is always an opportunity to savor.  I was privileged to meet with former New York Giants running back Tiki Barber for a lunch at a Manhattan restaurant last week, courtesy of an invitation from my friend Regina Vetere of the CBS Coverage Group.   Barber retired from […]

Addressing the Real Steroid Hypocrisy: In a Nation of Performance Enhancers, What’s Fair Outside of Professional Sports?

Steroids in professional sports have been in the news more than ever these days – from last week’s announcement that the Baseball Hall of Fame would not be electing anyone this year (presumably due to “steroid fallout”) to tonight’s highly anticipated (and much talked-about) Oprah interview with Lance Armstrong. Yes, steroid use by professional athletes […]

Social Media and the Steubenville Rape Case: As This Case Makes National News, the Role of Social Media in Crime Cases Continues To Evolve

It seems that each day more and more of what we do in our lives revolves around social media. Whether it be Twitter, Facebook, YouTube, Instagram  or some other instant access way to express ourselves, post pictures/videos, follow celebrities, or merely get current events at a moment’s notice – we as a society are driven […]


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