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Call Your Senators Today – Join Us in Voicing Your Opposition to Senator Durbin’s Proposed Amendment to the FDA User Fee Act

There’s breaking news in the supplement industry: Senator Richard Durbin (D-Ill.) is expected to today seek an amendment to the FDA User Fee Act — calling for new requirements for both dietary supplement facility registration and a full listing of all products and their ingredients with the FDA.  We agree with many in the industry who are in strong opposition to this proposed change — including the American Herbal Products Association (APHA) — who believe that this Durbin Amendment “would place an unnecessary product registration burden on supplement companies, including small businesses.”

With Senator Durbin expected to seek the amendment today — and with the Senate floor vote occurring as early as this afternoon or before the end of this week — it is critical that we all take action and fight this amendment.  We urge you to contact your senators immediately to voice your opposition to what could be an extremely damaging change to the Dietary Supplement Health and Education Act that would have a negative impact on the entire industry. 

Due to the time sensitivity of this issue and the expected vote happening so quickly, it is crucial to contact your senators as soon as possible — with phone calls being the best, and most effective, way to voice your opposition.  To find the contact information for your senators, visit www.senate.gov — and we urge you to do it today.

For a brief overview of the Durbin Amendment — and for more information about the consequences of this proposed change to the Dietary Supplement Health and Education Act — click hereRemember, timing is critical — so join us in fighting this amendment and take immediate action to let your senators know the potential negative impact that this amendment can have.

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