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Hacking vs. Consent: Are LinkedIn Users Informed?

Various types of Internet crimes, namely hacking and Internet fraud, have become some of the fastest-growing crimes in New York and around the world. Recently, four LinkedIn users have filed a lawsuit against the popular business-oriented social networking site, claiming that their email accounts have been accessed without their permission. According to the plaintiffs’ claim, […]

Crime in the Parks of NYC

New York State is known, in part, for its large and beautiful public parks. For many, these parks are little slices of natural paradise in the midst of an otherwise chaotic city, but for others, parks may be potential havens for illegal activity. According to New York Police Department crime statistics, serious felonies were on […]

Domestic Violence Beyond Couples and Children

It is a common misconception that the term “domestic violence” pertains only to spouses. In reality, domestic violence is a serious crime that encompasses many forms of abuse between people who know each other. For some, the lines between arguments or disputes and domestic violence may be difficult to discern, but it’s important to understand […]

Rick Collins and Marc Gann Attend the 138th NY State Bar Association Annual Meeting in New York City

CMG partners Rick Collins and Marc Gann are attending this week’s  New York State Bar Association’s 138th  Annual Meeting, taking place at the New York Hilton Midtown in New York City.  Rick and Marc are joining with more than 5,000 members of the New York State Bar Association from around the state and beyond at […]

Consequences of an Indictment vs. a Conviction

For those who haven’t studied the ins and outs of criminal law, sorting out legal terms and processes can be daunting. When it comes to being accused of a crime, two of the most commonly confused terms are “indictment” and “conviction.” These two are actually very different, both in terms of definitions and their consequences. […]

Science Is Evolving, and the Law May Be With It

The science of forensic DNA identification has improved exponentially in recent years. As increasing technological advances and growing databases have furthered the ability of law enforcement officers to identify perpetrators and eliminate suspects, so too has the number of DNA exonerations increased. This has led to the release of men and women who were wrongfully […]

Serving Time Doesn’t Get You Freedom as a Sex Offender

It might seem safe to assume that the most difficult part of being convicted of a crime is the time served in a correctional facility. The story of Linda Lusk, however, proves that in many cases, the real consequences begin after being released from incarceration. Lusk, a mother of five and the former mayor of […]

The New Direction of Sex Offender Monitoring

Under New York’s current Sex Offender Registration Act, all convicted sex offenders must register with the state before being released from any correctional facility, institution or hospital, or when being sentenced to probation or discharged upon payment of a fine. After registration, the sex offender must report to a local law enforcement agency at regular […]

Marc Gann Presents Information About Electronic Evidence

New CMG YouTube Video Addresses How Technology Can be Used Against You With today’s technology, the topic of electronic evidence has become an increasingly timely issue in criminal law.  It has become quite common for warrants being issued to enable police to obtain or take copies of computers and computer equipment, as well as cell […]

Marc Gann Addresses the Zero Tolerance Law for Young Drivers

CMG YouTube Video Discusses What Individuals Need to Know About DWI Charges for Those Under Age 21 The start of summer, and particularly the upcoming 4th of July holiday weekend, has traditionally been a time of increased DWI arrests and heightened DWI enforcement.  While being charged with a DUI or DWI carries significant consequences for […]


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