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When the News Media Goes Beyond Just Reporting on Crime

It used to be that the news media was a mirror of the events of the day.  A newsworthy event would occur and the media would investigate and report the facts.  Today however the news media goes far beyond telling us the who, what, where, when, and why of a particular story.  Instead, news outlets, […]

When Good People Do Bad (Stupid) Things!!!!

Ask any criminal defense attorney what is the most common question they are asked by family and friends and I guarantee they will all say the same thing: “How can you represent someone you know is guilty?”  My standard answer is a simple one, “Fortunately in this country everyone accused of a crime is entitled […]

New York Sealing Bill Update: No Action on Senate Bill 5385-2013

It could be your niece or nephew.  Or even your son or daughter.  It might even have been you, many years ago.  Good people make dumb mistakes, especially when they’re young.  Maybe a neighbor’s mailbox is intentionally damaged.  Maybe an item is stolen from a high-end department store.  Maybe a small quantity of marijuana is […]

CMG Partner Bob Mcdonald’s Successful Defense In The High Profile Saddle Rock Case Results In Not Guilty Verdict

CMG partner Bob McDonald has been in the news over the past few weeks, as the high profile case involving Village of Saddle Rock Mayor Dan Levy and Saddle Rock resident Sasha Masri continued to make headlines.  Yesterday, a judge found Masri, McDonald’s client, not guilty on all counts for which he was indicted  — including […]

SEALING CRIMINAL CONVICTIONS UPDATE: As New York Senate Bill 5385-2013 Moves Forward, Criminal Record Sealing Gains Momentum

For the vast majority of New Yorkers with criminal convictions, the record is a permanent stain.  No matter how many years go by, the record forever remains.  No amount of good deeds can change it.  Currently, New York has no expungement or sealing law applicable to adults who are convicted of felonies or even misdemeanors […]

Muscle Profiling Hits Belgium

“Muscle profiling” is the practice of identifying suspected anabolic steroid users based simply on their appearance, then arresting them on that basis and forcing them to submit to urine tests.  If they test positive for banned performance enhancing drugs, they’re charged with doping as a crime. It seems quite subjective and non-scientific, and to American […]

Bond Hearings: No Laughing Matter

The court appearance where a defendant is advised of the charges and the question of bail is addressed is often the arraignment or bond hearing.  This often occurs the morning after an evening arrest, and a defendant may still be under the influence of narcotics or other drugs.  While this video is an obvious lesson […]

A Justice System off the Rails?

A seven year old boy – let me repeat that, a seven year old boy – was handcuffed and interrogated by a NYPD detective for approximately 10 hours.  What was the boy accused of, you ask?  It was not slashing someone with a box-cutter, it wasn’t carrying a loaded firearm in his book-bag, and it […]

Police Interrogations and Video Recording

As we approach the beginning of 2013, it’s safe to say that we live in the age of ever-evolving technology. There are Smart Phones, Smart Cars, 3D Televisions, iPads, and before the end of the year the newest technological wave will hit us just in time for holiday spending. So you would think that with […]

The Right Lawyer Makes a Big Difference

A quick hypothetical.  Suppose you learned that a loved one was diagnosed with a heart condition and required heart surgery to remedy the matter.  Now suppose that your brother’s college roommate is a renowned knee surgeon.  Would you hire the knee surgeon to operate on your loved one’s heart?  If so, then maybe you need […]


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