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The Nassau Crime Lab: Can the Public Ever Trust Police-Run Crime Labs – or the System – Again?

Yesterday’s Newsday cover story revealed a disturbing twist to the already-disturbing situation with the police-run Nassau County Crime Lab.  Documentation shows us that problems at the crime lab date back to 2003 – including two letters written in 2006 from then-state Division of Criminal Justice Services Commissioner to then-Nassau Police Commissioner — addressing “fifteen findings” […]

Troubling News About Police Car Stops

Imagine for a minute you are driving home on the Long Island Expressway, obeying the speed limit, maintaining your lane and not talking on your cell phone, and yet you see the lights and hear sirens as you are being pulled over by a police officer. Why are you being pulled over? What did you […]

Nassau County Crime Lab: How Could This Have Happened … And What Happens Next?

Most criminal defense attorneys have represented someone accused of possessing and/or selling a controlled substance.  For the most part, the client’s guilt or innocence breaks on the credibility of the police officers involved in the arrest.  Did the police have the lawful right to stop and search the client?  Did the observing officer truly see […]

The Legality of DWI Checkpoints: What You Need to Know … and What to Do If You are Stopped

Super Bowl Sunday has become an unofficial American holiday. This year’s Super Bowl between the Pittsburgh Steelers and the Green Bay Packers was viewed by more than 111 million people in the United States making it the most watched television program in history. Super Bowl Sunday also happens to be one of the most dangerous […]

Fatal Crash a Reminder for Parents to Talk with their Teen Drivers

Deadly driving accidents seem to be a daily occurrence on Long Island these days. Anyone who picks up a copy of Newsday on a regular basis is all but certain to read about lives lost and serious injuries sustained in motor vehicle accidents.  Unfortunately, the issue of teen driving fatalities has recently been making headlines […]

Cyber-Bullying: It’s Time to Step Up to Stop the Growing Epidemic

Last month, a freshman from Rutgers University leapt to his death from the George Washington Bridge.  Tyler Clementi was 18 years old, a gifted musician and blessed with a loving family.  He was also a profoundly private person.  Just days before his death, his roommate, Dharun Ravi, secretly filmed Tyler having a romantic encounter with […]

Opiate Drug Use Not just a Teenage Problem

Nassau and Suffolk County have undertaken a new initiative to fight teenage heroin use by targeting enforcement on the Queens and Brooklyn borders in an effort to keep heroin out of Long Island.  The drug problem is bigger than that, however, as a recent arrest in Nassau County highlights.  Pharmacist Robert Ciskanik was arrested for […]

Sometimes We Forget the Presumption of Innocence

The recent case of “rape” at Hofstra University highlights the foundational principle of our criminal justice system – the presumption of innocence. The police, press and public were quick to vilify a number of individuals who were accused of a brutal and premeditated gang rape of a Hofstra coed. There were arrested, arraigned and held […]

Unexpected Consequences of a DWI

The horrific accident on the Taconic Parkway involving the Schuler family and the Bastardi family that took the lives of the 8 people should be a lesson to all of us. Ignoring the warning signs of the trouble will lead to tragic consequences and potential criminal culpability. If it can be shown that someone provided […]


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