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First Step Act: Criminal Justice Reform Bill Signed into Law

President Donald Trump has signed a landmark piece of criminal justice reform legislation called the First Step Act. The President tweeted, “Congress just passed the Criminal Justice Reform Bill known as the #FirstStepAct. Congratulations! This is a great bi-partisan achievement for everybody. When both parties work together we can keep our Country safer. A wonderful thing […]

Sports Nutrition Dietary Supplements Under Fire

With the use of dietary supplements on the rise in New York and across the country, industry leaders are becoming increasingly exposed to criticism. A bill still open for review by the New York State Senate is proposed SB 4151, a bill calling for a ban on the purchase of sports supplements by anyone under […]

Avoiding the Most Common Charge in New York

In 2012, drug offenses were cited as the most common cause of arrest in the United States, totaling approximately 1.55 million. According to recently released FBI statements, most of these offenses were for mere possession. About 82 percent of the arrests were for possession offenses, and about 42.4 percent were for marijuana possession alone. That […]

United States Sentencing Commission Shifts Gears In Punishing Drug Offenders

As the population of federal prisons continues to rise, due in significant part to the continued incarceration of non-violent drug offenders at high rates, the United States Sentencing Commission (USSC) has taken a big step in reducing the harsh “war on drugs” approach of incarcerating drug users and traffickers for extended periods of time.  According […]

In The Tragic Death of Philip Seymour Hoffman, Questions Abound … and Legal Issues are Raised

The tragic death of Philip Seymour Hoffman on Sunday has continued to sadden the country, as people try to come to terms with the death of the beloved actor considered by many to be among the best of his generation.  His death from a heroin overdose remains shocking in itself.  From a criminal law standpoint […]

Oxycodone Physician Investigations on Long Island: When Doctors Are Accused of Illegally Prescribing Oxycodone and other Controlled Substances

Since the 2011 Medford pharmacy murders, there has been a heightened federal crackdown on doctors accused of illegally prescribing oxycodone and other opioids.  On Long Island and throughout New York State, there have been numerous instances of doctors being visited by Drug Enforcement Administration (DEA) agents, issued search warrants, and having their patient files seized […]

The Unfortunate Casualties of the War on Drugs

Last year in California, a lonely, seventeen-year-old autistic student thought that he finally made a friend.  His “friend” was a fellow student named Daniel Briggs, and the two had art class together.  After a while, however, Briggs began to act strangely.  Briggs asked his “friend” to get him drugs.  In a barrage of sixty text […]

Muscle Profiling Hits Belgium

“Muscle profiling” is the practice of identifying suspected anabolic steroid users based simply on their appearance, then arresting them on that basis and forcing them to submit to urine tests.  If they test positive for banned performance enhancing drugs, they’re charged with doping as a crime. It seems quite subjective and non-scientific, and to American […]

Tiki Barber Talks Media and Steroids

The chance to rub elbows with a sports superstar is always an opportunity to savor.  I was privileged to meet with former New York Giants running back Tiki Barber for a lunch at a Manhattan restaurant last week, courtesy of an invitation from my friend Regina Vetere of the CBS Coverage Group.   Barber retired from […]

Addressing the Real Steroid Hypocrisy: In a Nation of Performance Enhancers, What’s Fair Outside of Professional Sports?

Steroids in professional sports have been in the news more than ever these days – from last week’s announcement that the Baseball Hall of Fame would not be electing anyone this year (presumably due to “steroid fallout”) to tonight’s highly anticipated (and much talked-about) Oprah interview with Lance Armstrong. Yes, steroid use by professional athletes […]


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