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Marc Gann Wins Acquittal for Client in Felony DWI Case

CGMB Founding Partner Marc Gann has won a full acquittal of all charges for his client in a serious felony DWI case on Long Island.  His client, a 49-year-old mother of 2 teenage boys, was charged with a felony DWI and Endangering the Welfare of a Child for allegedly operating her vehicle in an intoxicated […]

CGM&B Partner Marc Gann and Associate Zeena Abdi Serve as Defense Counsel in High Profile, Precedent-Setting Case

Trial of James Ryan Begins, with Experts Noting that This Unique Case will Test the Limits of Criminal Liability, and Set a Precedent for Criminal Blame and DWI Cases Last week, the high profile trial of James Ryan began in Mineola – with founding partner Marc Gann and firm associate Zeena Abdi providing defense counsel […]

Avoiding DWI Charges is Not Just for NFL Players

It’s well known that driving while intoxicated (DWI) or driving while impaired by the use of alcohol or drugs can lead to serious consequences, ranging anywhere from steep fines to life-threatening car accidents. New York state legislators have responded to this problem by implementing the STOP-DWI law, which uses the money collected from drunk driving […]

Marc Gann Addresses the Zero Tolerance Law for Young Drivers

CMG YouTube Video Discusses What Individuals Need to Know About DWI Charges for Those Under Age 21 The start of summer, and particularly the upcoming 4th of July holiday weekend, has traditionally been a time of increased DWI arrests and heightened DWI enforcement.  While being charged with a DUI or DWI carries significant consequences for […]

Dan Russo Secures Not Guilty Verdict in DWI Case

In Case Involving Refusal to Take Breath Test Due to Health Reasons, Client Receives Not Guilty Verdict for Both DWI and Driving While Impaired CMG Associate and one of New York’s top DWI attorneys Dan Russo secured a significant win in court in a case involving DWI charges and his client’s refusal to submit to […]

CMG Associate Robert Schalk Selected as Member of the National Advocacy for DUI Defense (NAFDD)

Organization Recognizes Nation’s Top DUI Lawyers, Selecting Less Than 1% of All Licensed Attorneys in New York CMG associate Robert Schalk has been selected as a member of the National Advocacy for DUI Defense.  The National Advocacy for DUI Defense recognizes and selects  those it has determined are the nation’s best private Driving Under the […]

THANKSGIVING EVE: Thanksgiving Wishes – and What You Should Know – As We Head into What Has Become Known as One of the Biggest Nights of the Year for DWI/DWAI Arrests

As we get ready to welcome in Thanksgiving, we wanted to wish our colleagues and friends all the best for the holiday.  We also wanted to take this opportunity to address some of the things to keep in mind this holiday season, as we enter into what has become known as the biggest time period […]

Yesterday’s Supreme Court Ruling On DWI Blood Tests: What it Means for New York Motorists

The Supreme Court of the United States ruled yesterday (Missouri v. McNeely) that police must usually have a warrant from a judge before ordering a blood test from a subject accused of Driving While Intoxicated. The 8-1 ruling (only Justice Thomas dissented) was in favor of a Missouri man who was suspected of drunk driving […]

New Year’s Wishes – and Cautions – From Collins, McDonald & Gann

As we move into the final days of 2011, it’s the perfect opportunity for us all to not only reflect back on the past year, but to look towards the future.  While 2011 has certainly had its ups and downs for everyone and has been marked by tough economic times for many people, we’re hopeful […]

What to Expect at an Arraignment

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