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CGMB Secures First Criminal Record Sealed in Nassau County Under New Law

CGMB is proud to announce that today, for the first time in Nassau County and possibly New York State, a Nassau County District Court judge ordered a misdemeanor criminal record be sealed pursuant to newly enacted Criminal Procedure Law Section 160.59. On behalf of our grateful client, we thank the Nassau County District Attorney’s Office and the District Court for their prompt attention to our motion. Our client can now go forward in life with a clean slate, free from the stigma of a 30-year-old conviction.

Before this change in the law, a criminal conviction in New York remained on a person’s record indefinitely, and would appear as part of any civil background check. Under the new law, many crimes are eligible for record sealing, including most misdemeanor and non-violent felony convictions. A sealed record means the conviction cannot be made available to the public, and will not appear as part of a civil background check.

The law permits two eligible offenses to be sealed, but not more than one eligible felony offense may be sealed. To qualify, ten years must have passed since the imposition of sentence on the most recent conviction. An applicant also cannot have any pending charges or have any criminal convictions within the preceding 10 years.

This law is having a positive impact on people throughout New York whose lives have been tarnished by a criminal record. If you or someone you know has struggled as a result of their criminal record, contact us at 516-294-0300 to learn how we can help seal your record and gain a fresh start in life.

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