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Criminal Record Sealing And “Second Chances”

Release of New Report and Editorial in The New York Times Brings Attention to the Importance of Second Chances for Ex-Offenders

ex-offender_imageThe importance of “second chances” for deserving ex-offenders continues to be a topic of great interest and much discussion – and this past week, the issue was once again brought to light for millions of Americans.  An editorial in The New York Times — “In Search of Second Chances” – gave important exposure to the issue — addressing some of the inconsistencies and problems in our current criminal justice system when it comes to helping those with criminal records reintegrate back into society after they have served their time and paid their debt to society.  The editorial followed the recent release of a new report by the National Association of Criminal Defense Lawyers addressing the “collateral consequences” of a criminal conviction – and the “severe penalties that continue long after punishment is complete” when it comes to roadblocks that ex-offenders face in securing employment, housing, education and other aspects of successfully reintegrating back into their communities.

For more on this issue, and for links to both The New York Times editorial and the new NACDL report on the collateral consequences of a criminal conviction, visit www.newyorksealinglaw.com – our website designed to provide the public with the latest information and news about the status of criminal record sealing/expungement in New York.  Collins, McDonald & Gann continues to be on the forefront surrounding this issue, and remains dedicated to giving deserving ex-offenders that all-important second chance.

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