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“Jails to Jobs” Program to Offer Guaranteed 2 Month Employment for Inmates Who Leave NY Jails After Serving Their Sentence

New City-Funded Initiative Will Provide “Transitional Employment” to Ex-Offenders Through Program Launching by the End of the Year

Mayor Bill de Blasio has announced a new city-funded initiative that will guarantee short-term minimum wage jobs to inmates leaving prison. Through the “Jails to Jobs” program, which is expected to launch by the end of the year, NYC’s estimated 8,500 inmates will leave prison with paid “transitional employment” for up to two months – provided with paid minimum wage jobs and help in “turning things around” for those released from prison.

By providing ex-offenders with employment opportunities as soon as they are released from prison, De Blasio notes that the Jails to Jobs program aims to reduce recidivism. According to research, recently released inmates who get short term jobs are 22 percent less likely to reoffend. In addition, in presenting the Jails to Jobs program, Mayor De Blasio also noted transitional employment often leads to longer-term employment – with the program being an important way to help break the cycle faced by inmates upon their release from prison. The program will provide up to eight weeks of paid work in a number of different areas, including construction, hospitality and food services.

In addition to guaranteed temporary paid jobs for inmates released from prison, the plan also provides incarcerated individuals with re-entry counseling (starting from their first day in jail) as well as daily education and vocational training. The program also provides departing inmates with the opportunity to be paired with “peer navigators” – who are former inmates to help assist and guide them, and provide them with a measure of stability once released from prison.

The Jails to Jobs program and guaranteed short-term employment is an important step in helping reformed ex-offenders turn their lives around immediately upon their release from prison here in New York. However, there is still work to be done when it comes to ensuring that all reformed ex-offenders will also have access to long-term employment, housing and education that is often denied to them due to having a criminal record. We continue to work diligently to help change the law to make criminal record sealing in New York a reality for reformed ex-offenders – to give them the opportunity for long-term success in turning their lives around in addition to the immediate benefits of short-term employment.

To read more about Mayor de Blasio’s “Jails to Jobs” program, click here: https://qns.com/story/2017/04/03/mayor-announces-new-job-services-program-for-prisoners/ . In addition, for further information about the current status of criminal record sealing and expungement in New York, or to inquire about conditional record sealing after the completion of a drug treatment program, call us at 516-294-0300, or email us at [email protected]. In addition, continue to check our blog for further developments and news about New York criminal record sealing/expungement issues, as well as other programs to give reformed ex-offenders that all-important second chance.

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