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Justice for All: Making Sure Everyone Who Needs Legal Help, Gets It

everyoneneedshelpRecently, I received a call from a worried friend seeking my legal opinion on a traffic-based criminal matter he was facing.  During our call, he regretfully mentioned that “I wish I could use your firm but I just don’t think I can’t afford you.”   His statement got me thinking … and wondering if others out there might mistakenly think the same thing – that with our established reputation in the profession and the many high profile cases we have worked on, Collins, McDonald & Gann might be “out of their league.”

Through the years, we’ve worked hard to achieve our success.  However, at heart, it’s important for people to know that we’re still the same three lawyers that founded Collins, McDonald & Gann nearly 25 years ago – doing everything possible to help people in need no matter what their circumstances (and budgets) are … and making sure that anyone who needs legal help, gets it.

As long-time attorneys dedicated to protecting an individual’s rights, we make it a point to try to find a way to help anyone who needs experienced legal counsel.  We can almost always find a creative solution to working within a budget.  We never want people in need of defense counsel to go without proper representation, or to let anyone have to navigate the potential danger of an overreaching prosecutor without experienced legal guidance.  As seasoned criminal defense attorneys and former Nassau County Assistant District Attorneys, we know how vital it is for people to be properly represented on all types of legal matters – from seemingly simple traffic matters to more complicated criminal charges.  Whatever the charges though, and whatever your personal circumstances are, we’re here for you.  We can help.  And we are committed to working within your individual financial situation to accommodate your legal needs to protect your rights … and preserve your future. 

So yes, you may have heard about our latest case on the news or seen one of our partners featured in a local newspaper.  But with every high profile case we work on, know that there are dozens of clients turning to us each and every day for experienced, skilled – and affordable – legal counsel for a wide variety of issues.  Call us 24/7 at 516-294-0300 if you are in need of any type of legal counsel and we’d be happy to discuss how we can help, and any reasonable payment plan that you might need.  Don’t let a concern about affordability stop you from getting the legal help you need to protect you, and your family.

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