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Marc Gann Addresses the Zero Tolerance Law for Young Drivers

CMG YouTube Video Discusses What Individuals Need to Know About DWI Charges for Those Under Age 21

The start of summer, and particularly the upcoming 4th of July holiday weekend, has traditionally been a time of increased DWI arrests and heightened DWI enforcement.  While being charged with a DUI or DWI carries significant consequences for adults who may be pulled over this holiday weekend (or any time, of course), for those under 21 years old charged with a DUI/DWI, the penalties can be significant and long-lasting.

CMG attorney Marc Gann, one of the most experienced DWI attorneys in New York, addresses the topic of DWs/ DUIs, young drivers and the Zero Tolerance Law in a new YouTube video posted on the firm’s YouTube Channel and Facebook page.  The video first provides an overview of what constitutes a DWI, DUI and Aggravated DWI and the potential penalties for adults charged with drinking and driving.  Marc next goes on to discuss the specifics of young drivers and the Zero Tolerance Law – which states that any individual under age 21 with any level of alcohol in their blood will face immediate consequences, including immediately losing their license for six months.

This holiday weekend, with DUI/DWI enforcement efforts being stepped up on the roads, it’s critical to not only make sure you exercise caution and stay safe while driving and/or boating, but to make sure that you talk with any young drivers in your family about the Zero Tolerance Law.   Those under age 21 need to know that if they have consumed any alcohol at all and get behind the wheel that they are at risk of having their license suspended for a significant amount of time.  Additional DWI patrols will increase the likelihood of getting pulled over for a suspected DUI/DWI, so make sure you and your family know the full consequences young drivers face for consuming any amount of alcohol at all this summer (and all year long.)

Watch Marc’s informational YouTube video addressing DWIs and the Zero Tolerance Law for Young Drivers below:

For more information on DWI charges, or additional details about the Zero Tolerance Law, call us anytime at 516-294-0300.  In addition, if you or a family member find yourself facing DWI charges or are accused of being under the influence while driving or boating this summer,  we are available 24/7 to provide you with important legal counsel surrounding DWI arrests.

Wishing everyone a happy, and safe, 4th of July holiday weekend!

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