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Marc Gann Presents Information About Electronic Evidence

New CMG YouTube Video Addresses How Technology Can be Used Against You

With today’s technology, the topic of electronic evidence has become an increasingly timely issue in criminal law.  It has become quite common for warrants being issued to enable police to obtain or take copies of computers and computer equipment, as well as cell phones – using information from these items as evidence in a criminal case.  While the seizing of computers/computer records is often heard about in cases of child pornography and/or white collar crimes, electronic evidence is also playing a larger role these days in drug cases, when law enforcement has reason to believe that records of drug transactions are being kept on items such as computers and/or iPads.

Criminal defense attorney Marc Gann addresses the issue of electronic evidence – and what people need to know to protect their rights — in a new YouTube video posted on the Collins, McDonald & Gann YouTube channel and the firm’s Facebook page.  In the video, Marc describes how police can now obtain computers or “mirror images” of computers to be examined forensically by law enforcement – and that once that examination takes place, any criminal activity found on that computer can be used against an individual.  Marc stresses that in today’s times, people need to be very aware that anything they do on a computer is subject to search by search warrant and forensic examination by law enforcement.

Today, it’s not only computers and computer files that can be obtained through a warrant, but cell phones and cell phone records are also now being used as criminal evidence – although on June 25 the Supreme Court unanimously ruled, in the case of Riley v. California, that police many not generally search the cell phones of people they arrest without first getting a warrant.  Local District Attorneys are increasingly looking at phone and phone records obtained through warrants as electronic evidence, leading to more serious charges and penalties.  In particular, it’s critical that teens recognize the impact of cell phone evidence – and understand the impact of texting and driving and how they can face extremely serious consequences and penalties due to any electronic evidence that may be found in their cell phones or cell phone records.

To learn more about the role of electronic evidence in today’s criminal justice system, and to learn how you can best protect your rights when it comes to electronic evidence, watch Marc’s latest informational YouTube video at www.youtube.com/watch?v=BUDH5scuySY.  For additional information about electronic evidence and the law, or if you are facing charges where electronic evidence may be used and are seeking legal counsel, call us 24/7 at 516-294-0300.

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