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Rick Collins’ Latest Huffington Post Blog Addresses Mark Wahlberg Pardon Request and the Issue of Criminal Record Sealing in New York

Over the past few weeks, media outlets throughout the country have been discussing the recent news of Mark Wahlberg’s request for a pardon for crimes committed back when he was a teenager in the late 1980s. Rick Collins, a long-time advocate for reformed ex-offenders seeking second chances, has added his voice, and insight, to the mix – and is featured on the Huffington Post Crime Blog with his column addressing both the current Mark Wahlberg situation … and why Wahlberg’s case brings much-needed attention to the need for criminal record sealing in New York State.

Rick’s Huffington Post blog entry – “Mark Wahlberg: Poster Child for Thousands of New Yorkers Who Deserve a Second Chance?” – addresses the issue of how, and why, Wahlberg is seeking to reduce the stigma of living with a criminal conviction on his record for a crime committed more than 25 years ago — and highlights how so many deserving (non-celebrity) ex-offenders in New York still do not have an opportunity for that all-important second chance.

In his blog, Rick notes that if Wahlberg seems to have turned his life around and deserves a clean slate, the case is even stronger for thousands of New Yorkers. Unlike Wahlberg, who has done quite well for himself, most ex-offenders struggle daily against towering barriers in education, housing and employment.

Unfortunately, the issue of criminal record sealing in New York is currently at a standstill – with many concerned that there will be no further advances in the year ahead. Maybe the attention that the Wahlberg case is currently getting in the media will not only get people thinking, but get them to do something about this issue.

If you feel strongly about the importance of criminal record sealing in New York, let Governor Cuomo know that reformed ex-offenders in New York deserve a second chance. And that it’s about time we give it to them by making criminal record sealing in New York a reality for thousands of deserving individuals.

To read Rick’s latest Huffington Post blog piece in the HuffPost Crime section, click: www.huffingtonpost.com/rick-collins/mark-wahlberg-pardon_b_6302904.html?utm_hp_ref=crime&ir=Crime

As always, for more information about the status of criminal record sealing in New York, or to discuss questions you may have about the potential for conditional record sealing after a drug treatment program, contact Rick Collins at [email protected] or 516-294-0300.

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