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Rick Collins’ Leadership in Sealing Criminal Records Featured in Newsday

Newsday Cover Story Highlights CGMB’s Role in First Nassau County Conviction Sealed Under New Criminal Record Sealing Law in New York

The issue of criminal record sealing in New York, and CGMB Founding Partner Rick Collins, made headlines on Long Island last week – helping to raise awareness of this new law in New York that is now able to give deserving ex-offenders a clean slate. The Newsday cover story highlights the first conviction sealed on Long Island under the new law — a client of Rick Collins and CGMB – and provides readers with important insight into the new law … and Rick’s role in helping to make criminal record sealing a reality in New York.

The Newsday cover story — “Criminal Record, Clean Slate” – addresses not only the important news of this first conviction sealed by a Nassau County court under the new law, but provides background about the intricacies of the law itself and its role in giving reformed ex-offenders a second chance. Featured and quoted throughout the two-page article, Rick offers insight into the impact that criminal record sealing can have on so many people throughout New York, and addresses how this new law can help deserving ex-offenders eliminate the stigma of life with a criminal conviction on their record, and give them the clean slate they need when it comes to seeking jobs, housing and higher education, among other things.

A longtime advocate for criminal record sealing in New York and the co-author of a New York State Bar Association report that helped spur the passage of this new law, Rick and CGMB are honored to have played an instrumental role in this historic change in state law. As the co-chairman of the New York State Bar Association Criminal Justice Section Sealing Committee, Rick has spent many years addressing the issues surrounding criminal record sealing – and was thrilled to have his client become the first person to have their criminal record sealed by a Long Island court.

To read the entire Newsday cover story highlighting this groundbreaking first case of criminal record sealing and Rick’s role in helping his client gain a clean slate, click here. In addition, for more information about the specifics of this new criminal record sealing law in New York, and to determine if you or someone you know may be eligible to have a criminal record sealed under this new law, call Rick Collins at 516-294-0300 or email us at [email protected].

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