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Skydivers Nationwide Join Together To “Leap For Life” To Raise Money For Cancer Research

On Sunday, October 9, LI attorney, author and fitness authority Rick Collins of Collins, McDonald & Gann, P.C. (www.cmgesq.com) took to the skies once again – raising money, and awareness, to help in the fight against cancer.  This unique show of support, solidarity – and “skydiving for a cause” – was the result of the third annual Leap for Life (www.leapforlife.org) – a unique fundraiser that Collins created in 2009, and which to-date has raised more than $75,000 in total for different cancer charities over the past three years.

The 2011 Global Leap for Life was the result of Collins’ desire to take his fundraising efforts for cancer research to “new heights” – after successfully raising money for both the American Cancer Society and the Lance Armstrong Foundation/LiveSTRONG over the past two years.  This year, after carefully researching different charities, Rick selected two cancer organizations to raise money for, based on their outstanding reputations and their high ratings on Charity Navigator: the national childhood cancer organization Alex’s Lemonade Stand Foundation (www.AlexsLemonade.org), and the Long Island-based Strength for Life (www.strengthforlifeny.org).

Dozens of people nationwide joined Rick in taking to the skies for this year’s 2011 Leap for Life – which has, so far, raised more than $20,000 in the fight against cancer.  Donations are still being accepted, and can be made at www.leapforlife.org.

“This year, I was so happy to be raising money for both of these great charities, and help out both in the quest to try to find a cure for childhood cancer, as well as supporting the programs and services for those currently living with cancer,” says Collins, who created this unprecedented fundraiser in honor of a cousin and two close friends stricken with cancer. “By creating and orchestrating this global event, I’ve heard from so many people throughout the world whose lives have been impacted by cancer, and who wanted to get involved in Leap for Life as a way to show their support and make a statement about how they would go to any ‘heights’ to raise money to help the many people whose lives are impacted by this disease.”

Collins, who notes that he overcame his fear of heights through this first skydive back in 2009, was touched by the many first-time skydivers who joined in the “Global Leap for Life” effort this year. While the event was open to both experienced skydivers as well as first-timers, he received many calls and emails from those who had joined the “Leap for Life” effort as a way to truly make a difference, including one woman who originally joined the fundraising effort simply as a participant – and who later learned of a cancer diagnosis in their her own family … making her particular “Leap for Life” much more personal – and poignant.

By encouraging so many other individuals to Leap for Life along with him this year, Collins was thrilled that he was able to spearhead raising money for such an important cause … as well as help thousands of people push their own limits and embrace new challenges. The concept of pushing individual limits is a major focus of Collins’ men’s health/fitness book Alpha Male Challenge (Rodale, September 2009) (www.alphamalechallenge.com) – which was designed to provide men with a 10 week transformation program to help men not only improve their health, but truly achieve the look, life and winning attitude needed to survive today. It was while researching the book and discovering the importance of “pushing your limits” and “overcoming challenges” that Collins came up with the idea of a skydiving fundraiser … and his idea of “taking it to the next level” by expanding it to the global level is a result of his further commitment to raising money for such an important cause affecting so many people today.

Collins, a former Nassau County Assistant District Attorney, is a partner at Collins, McDonald & Gann, P.C. (www.cmgesq.com) — one of the leading criminal defense law firms on Long Island which also concentrates in sports nutrition and nutritional supplements law. As a leading legal advocate for the health and fitness community, as well as a Certified Strength and Conditioning Specialist and former co-owner of a personal training business, Collins’ Leap for Life stems not only from his desire to help those with cancer, but from his lifelong dedication to fitness. He has integrated his devotion to strength and health into his hectic professional and personal schedule – and, with Alpha Male Challenge, his goal is to motivate other men to reach their true “alpha” potential. His 2011 Global Leap for Life — in addition to his continuing groundbreaking work in the health and fitness community — supports his efforts to make significant contributions in the health/fitness arena … while also contributing to a cause of great importance to him.

For more information about this unique event and/or to make a donation to either Alex’s Lemonade Stand Foundation or Strength for Life in honor of the 2011 Global Leap for Life, visit www.leapforlife.org. For more information about Rick Collins, visit www.rickcollins.com.

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