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Criminal Cases and the Media: Knowing When To Use – And When Not To Use – The Power of the Press

More and more criminal cases are getting intense media coverage these days. The first big media-driven case in which TV cameras appeared in the courtroom and America watched a criminal trial unfold before our eyes was the O.J. Simpson murder trial in 1995. Since that trial, criminal cases have been covered by your conventional print […]

“FAULTY FORENSICS”: With the FBI and Justice Department Now Reviewing Thousands of Criminal Cases with Questionable Forensic Evidence, How Many Convictions Will Be Overturned?

Last week’s announcement that the FBI and Justice Department will review thousands of cases to see if “faulty forensics” might have been responsible for wrongful convictions was important news for the many individuals currently serving prison time for crimes they may not have committed.   This review – the largest post-conviction review ever done by the […]

Pleading Guilty in a Criminal Case Update

The overwhelming majority of criminal cases – typically over 90% – are resolved by a plea of guilty.  An Annual Report of the Criminal Court of the City of New York reported that nearly 150,000 guilty pleas were accepted in the Criminal Court in 2008. Guilty pleas are a way of quickly disposing of cases […]


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