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When Good People Do Bad (Stupid) Things!!!!

Ask any criminal defense attorney what is the most common question they are asked by family and friends and I guarantee they will all say the same thing: “How can you represent someone you know is guilty?”  My standard answer is a simple one, “Fortunately in this country everyone accused of a crime is entitled […]

A Justice System off the Rails?

A seven year old boy – let me repeat that, a seven year old boy – was handcuffed and interrogated by a NYPD detective for approximately 10 hours.  What was the boy accused of, you ask?  It was not slashing someone with a box-cutter, it wasn’t carrying a loaded firearm in his book-bag, and it […]

Internet Child Pornography Questions and Answers

Child pornography has become a high priority target for federal and state law enforcement authorities. The Internet has radically changed how child pornography is reproduced and distributed; the availability of Internet Child Pornography (“ICP”) has skyrocketed. Surveillance and other investigative operations are monitoring the online community to ferret out the production, dissemination and receipt of […]

When an Innocent Person is Framed: Finding the Truth, and Clearing a Name

By Rick Collins, Esq. We’ve all seen movies and television programs in which a totally innocent person is “set up” by the police or their agents and accused of a crime.  Drama ensues as the unjustly accused protagonist struggles to prove his or her innocence.  Often, the narrative takes liberties with legal principles and practices, […]

The Defense Rests In The Sandusky Case…Leaving Questions About Unusual Defense Strategies

The trial of former Penn State assistant coach Jerry Sandusky has moved quickly … with each day seeming to bring a new question in terms of whether the defense has done the right thing for their client in this complicated case.  Yesterday’s news that Sandusky would not take the stand in his defense capped off […]


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