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“FAULTY FORENSICS”: With the FBI and Justice Department Now Reviewing Thousands of Criminal Cases with Questionable Forensic Evidence, How Many Convictions Will Be Overturned?

Last week’s announcement that the FBI and Justice Department will review thousands of cases to see if “faulty forensics” might have been responsible for wrongful convictions was important news for the many individuals currently serving prison time for crimes they may not have committed.   This review – the largest post-conviction review ever done by the […]

The Nassau Crime Lab: Can the Public Ever Trust Police-Run Crime Labs – or the System – Again?

Yesterday’s Newsday cover story revealed a disturbing twist to the already-disturbing situation with the police-run Nassau County Crime Lab.  Documentation shows us that problems at the crime lab date back to 2003 – including two letters written in 2006 from then-state Division of Criminal Justice Services Commissioner to then-Nassau Police Commissioner — addressing “fifteen findings” […]

Nassau County Crime Lab: How Could This Have Happened … And What Happens Next?

Most criminal defense attorneys have represented someone accused of possessing and/or selling a controlled substance.  For the most part, the client’s guilt or innocence breaks on the credibility of the police officers involved in the arrest.  Did the police have the lawful right to stop and search the client?  Did the observing officer truly see […]


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