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The Unfortunate Casualties of the War on Drugs

Last year in California, a lonely, seventeen-year-old autistic student thought that he finally made a friend.  His “friend” was a fellow student named Daniel Briggs, and the two had art class together.  After a while, however, Briggs began to act strangely.  Briggs asked his “friend” to get him drugs.  In a barrage of sixty text […]

Re-Evaluating The War On Drugs: With Sunday’s Elections in Mexico, Drug Cartels Take Center Stage – Causing us to Take a Closer Look at Our Failed US Policies

Drug cartels and the escalating drug problem will no doubt be on the minds of the people of Mexico as they head to the polls on Sunday.  Recent actions by drug cartels are working to influence the local vote (with AP reporting yesterday of the “scare tactics, and cold hard cash, that drug cartels are […]

How Common are Marijuana Arrests?

When most people think of the War on Drugs, they think of Mexican or Columbian narcotics cartels and big-time cocaine and heroin investigations.  But statistics show that a surprising proportion of drug arrests are for simple marijuana.  And the proportion is rising. According to FBI Uniform Crime Reports on Drug War Facts tables, marijuana arrests […]

The War on Drugs: A Colossal Failure of Epic Proportions? Is It Time To Re-Think Our Strategies – And Tactics?

This past May, Martha Mendoza of the Associated Press broke news that the “War on Drugs” has cost the United States one trillion dollars. A rising collective believes that the War has been a colossal failure, and growing concern about its ineffectiveness has been voiced by congressmen, economists, media members, and senior law enforcement officials. […]


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