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They May Be Against The Law, But Should They Be? Steroid Use by both Athletes and Recreational Bodybuilders is a Complex Subject with Many Opinions

Most people agree that anabolic steroids in sports should be condemned as “cheating,” because athletes who use steroids are breaking the rules they agreed to play by in order to gain an advantage over their competitors.  But the issues get more complicated when we question whether non-athletes are “cheating” if they use steroids simply to be bigger or buffer, totally “off” the playing field; when we objectively examine the issue of “safety” in the context of steroid use by mature adults (no reasonable person argues for teen steroid abuse); and when we ask whether the rules and laws against steroid use should even be there in the first place.

Although rarely debated in the mainstream media, these fascinating issues have been the subject of heated debates within small circles of lawyers and medical ethics experts.  Members of sports “anti-doping” agencies claim steroids are both unfair and dangerous, but critics of the anti-steroid agenda reply with claims that banning steroids in sports is both illogical and arbitrary – citing other things that can, and do, give certain athletes an advantage (specialized techniques and better equipment, shoes, coaching, etc.) and suggest that the health risks of steroid use by mature adult males have been overstated.

Can steroid use ever be considered “safe”? Should steroids in sports be condemned as cheating, or should the rules themselves be changed? And what about those mature adult males who may be using steroids not to seek a competitive advantage on the field, but to simply seek a better body?  Are they cheating, as well?  And, more importantly, should this be considered cheating – when they are not out to gain any “advantage” other than many other forms of cosmetic enhancements widely accepted by the public … and the law.

I recently explored these issues in three articles, published in my monthly magazine column, examining the issue of steroid use by both athletes and non-athletes. I invite you to look over the articles at the following links … then let us know what you think about this provocative issue which will continue to be debated on sports fields, in gyms – and in courthouses – nationwide.

Is Steroid Use by Athletes “Cheating”? https://www.steroidlaw.com/steroid-law-60.html

Is Steroid Use by Non-Athletes “Cheating”? https://www.steroidlaw.com/steroid-law-59.html

Are Steroids “Safe” for Mature Adult Males? https://www.steroidlaw.com/steroid-law-61.html

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