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Two New Bills Introduced to Support Expunging Criminal Records in New York

Momentum Continues to Grow to Make Criminal Record Sealing in New York a Reality

expungementMomentum continues to grow in the effort to make expungement/record sealing a reality in New York State, with the introduction of two new bills and a petition supporting existing bills gaining a record number of signatures – showing the strong interest and support in the issue of criminal record sealing from both lawmakers and the general public.

The petition in support of two existing bills in Legislature — New York Bills A4026 & S5385, the “Second Chance Law”: Sealing/Expunging Criminal Convictions/Record” has just received more than 3,100 signatures, and continues to gain signatures in support of this legislation surrounding criminal record sealing and expungement in New York State. The petition, a letter to the New York State House, New York State Senate and New York Governor Andrew Cuomo, points to the collateral consequences faced by ex-offenders who have already paid their debt to society. Noting that there are currently “over a million young men and women who have been convicted of a non-violent/non-sexual misdemeanor in New York and have completed the punishment decreed by the court” and stressing that “under New York law, the post-conviction treatment of a non-violent offender is the same as that of someone who may have committed the most egregious of violent offenses” the petition calls for action to be taken. Further noting that “Expungement and sealing legislation has been introduced by New York State legislators in every session of Congress since the year 2004”, the petition asks for Governor Cuomo and the members of the New York State Senate and Assembly to “support and pass bills # A1139 and S5385 the “Second Chance Law” sponsored by Assemblyman Joseph Lentol and Senator Lee Zeldin, respectively.” – noting that “it is only right and just that New York State law allow former offenders the ability to lead productive lives without the stigma of their conviction haunting and handicapping them for the rest of their lives.” The petition continues to seek additional signatures, and is hoping to reach its new goal of 5,000 individuals in support of this important legislation; to view and sign the petition, click here.

In addition to this petition in support of two existing bills, we’re excited to report that two new bills have been developed in support of expungement in New York State. These were created to support the expungement of certain convictions after 10 years, and are exciting new developments surrounding the potential to change the law surrounding expunging of criminal records in New York. To read more about these two new bills, click here:

We encourage you to sign the petition and keep checking back here for updates about all pending legislation surrounding criminal record sealing and expungement in New York State. As longtime leaders in fight to make criminal record sealing in New York a reality, we will keep you informed of all of the latest developments on this topic, and are here to answer any questions that you might have surrounding the issue of record sealing/expungement in New York. Call us with questions 24/7 at 516-294-0300, or email Rick Collins at [email protected].


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